DirectBuy Reviews: Columbia, MD

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What Our Members Are Saying

DirectBuy of Columbia MD Maryland Reviews

"We went to the Direct Buy orientation to see if we would be able to save money on the home we would be building in the near future. WOW! Were we surprised. We are empty nesters and were ready to build our next home with the future in mind. We wanted quality name brand products that we could find at a great price. We are well on our way to saving a bundle and bring in the house building under budget. I work for a custom cabinet builder that we had planned on using for our kitchen. One day while I was looking through binders in the showroom, the kitchen designer walked by and asked what project I was working on. We chatted a bit then a few days later I received an email with a proposed design and a quote for the bath vanities I had been working on. I looked at what I thought was the last page and thought, that's what I thought-about the same as the company I worked for. But then I scrolled one more page and saw the real price. WOW! again! We were going to be saving a ton. We decided that we would get all our cabinetry through Direct Buy. We have started buying the light fixtures, lock sets, appliances, etc. through Direct Buy. We are taking all our savings and using them to furnish our new home. It is so exciting to see all that we are able to save and stay within our budget. And don't even get me started about the staff. They are all so friendly and helpful. I love working with them. It is such an easy and pleasant experience. The ONLY bad part of the Direct Buy experience is...I think our UPS guy is not very happy to have to stop and deliver packages every day! haha"


DirectBuy of Columbia MD Maryland Reviews

"Just want to give a shout-out to Rick R. with the Concierge service. He was a pleasure to deal with as my wife and I considered and ultimately ordered an Ohio Table Pad for our new dining room table. Thanks for the great service, Rick!"


DirectBuy of Columbia MD Maryland Reviews

"I am currently renovating our house which we just purchased last month. As many of you may know, managing home renovations can be very stressful. Also, coordinating parts and materials for the renovations can be overwhelming. I have called a few times keeping tabs on my orders and when I have spoken with Linda R. she has settled my nerves and helped me to manage my orders in an efficient and friendly manner. Thanks Linda!

Using DirectBuy and with Linda’s and other’s (Rick, Angela, Kevin) help, I was able to purchase many items at lower prices than Home Depot and other retailers."


DirectBuy of Columbia MD Maryland Reviews

"Not sure if I have chosen the correct way to send this feedback to you, but I wanted to take a minute to highlight a few things...
We have been members for only a few years but have enjoyed so many benefits & money savings in this very short time!
BUT most of all....the folks that work in your Columbia branch make our membership worth the investment. I have never dealt with more helpful, courteous people, this branch should be a model for all of your locations.

Here's a few highlights but there are so many I could not even begin to list them all!

Over the years, I have ordered some items, and found with my schedule I could not get to the branch to pick them up....Denise Paolini loaded them into her vehicle (on more than one occasion) -- and delivered them right to my door step....where would you ever find such personal consideration & kindness???

As far as orders go, matching competitive prices, questions, anything I could possibly want or need - all I have to do is contact Josie Giannotti or Elizabeth Welsh and they see it through., I never need to followup, or remind them -- whatever is needed they take care of it & see it through....what a pleasure to do business with them & DirectBuy.

Hopefully you will recognize the wonderful customer relations this branch forges with its members.....I sure wish this type of quality customer service was provided by other businesses I deal with, but I seldom find anything even close. At this time when customer service is at an all-time low -- The Columbia Branch of DirectBuy shines above the rest -- by far!

Kudos to them & your company for providing such a wonderful place for us to do business - the people there (all of them, not just the few I mentioned above) are top notch!

Marty & Bob Henneberry"

Bob & Marty - Mt Airy , MD