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DirectBuy of Columbia MD Maryland Reviews

"My husband and I joined DirectBuy in 2004 because we had a sewage leak up in our kitchen and instead of paying full retail price for our kitchen we knew we would get a better price for the quality of cabinetry we looked at. We took the tour and paid immediately. Our cabinets weren't sold at the local retailer because of the extreme quality and we paid less for them. Since we joined we have bought our home improvement items, etc. a little at a time until we had everything to do the project. The last quarter of 2011 we came into some money and we were able to buy everything to finish our home! We hit the ground running and the staff at DirectBuy of Columbia, MD were WONDERFUL! To give special recognition to the staff directly involved by name, Elizabeth, Candace, Joe and John. They answered every question and helped in every way needed!"

Gail C.

DirectBuy of Columbia MD Maryland Reviews

"In 2008-2009 I replaced all carpet in my carriage house, including the stairs with Brazilian Cherry. This project alone, done with purchases made at DirectBuy, saved me thousands in materials and labor! The kitchen was also redone and I was able to upgrade my cabinets and upgrade my appliances for what I had budgeted based on the retail prices. 2011 saw two bathrooms remodeled and more savings on the shower fixtures, tub and commodes. Now I am doing it all over again in another home and I am happy to have DirectBuy on my side!"

Marian M.

DirectBuy of Columbia MD Maryland Reviews

"I got a call at home, from a sales call. Normally I don't take sales calls... I usually hang up... but this salesperson had a very pleasant phone voice so I actually listened to him. Even through all of my disbelief, he was patient enough to ensure me it was all true! He also was very patient during the many times that I had to ask him to hold on because of my loud and screaming child (LOL) he then laughed and said that there wasn't any daycare for young children! Ha Ha Ha. A great, pleasant voice! Keep up the Good Work!"

Jessie H.

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